Bob Rickel Pictures

All of the pictures below were provided by Bob Rickel, a Kootenai County local and a long time customer and friend of the Ragan family.

These pictures sparked the idea of creating this section of the web site to show primarily some agricultural and ranching history within the county of Kootenai. If you also have some local pictures, articles or letters related to Ag or Ranching that we might share with everyone, we would be interested to see what you have.

1908 wide trac Traction EngineThe picture above is a steam powered Traction Engine used in Kootenai County agriculture. Delivered here on standard width wheels, Bob said that the wider rear wheel extensions were made here. If you look closely you will see where the extensions are added onto the original wheels. You can also see the very large chain drive system on each side of the radiator. Steering in traction engines were also accomplished with chains. To make a turn with these locomotives on wheels required considerable effort and a lot of space.

Bayview Train Depot

This is a steam train stopped at the Bayview Train Depot

Dozer Capehorn road_1Drill Rig Capehorn Road

A dozer tractor (left pic) working on the Capehorn Road and a tractor setup with a drilling rig (right) with this picture also taken on Capehorn Road.

Cletrac at Cape Horn Road 1951_1Holt Self Propelled Combine 1900-1918

Another picture of the dozer working on the Capehorn Road (left). The right hand picture is of a self propelled combine which was made in the early 1900's. You can see a man is standing in the back of a 1940's era International Harvester pickup truck.