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A JOHN DEERE Model 652R QuikTrak lawn-turf grass mower 

equipped with a 52 inch mower deck.

$8999! - This one only!


Typically this is a product that is purchased by commercial lawn maintenance companies.  Of course for some meticulous homeowners with moderate to larger grass areas to mow, this might be the perfect machine.  Sort of like the popular office these days where you stand at a taller desk to do your work.  The advantage here is that your looking down at exactly where your mower deck is located. You can mow closer into corners.  You can mow along curves with incredible deftness because of what you can see as well as how smooth the industrial hydrostatic drive responds to the operator controls.  It takes very little input from the operator to make the smallest of directional adjustments forwards or backwards.

Recommended for flat lawn use, mild slopes can be traversed too.  If you have tight undulations or more than mild slope-inclines to work, a sit down mower or even a self-propelled walk behind mower is your best solution. Regardless of the mowing job, we have more solutions than anyone else at RAGAN EQUIPMENT.

This particular mower is equipped with an innovative set of tires.  MICHELIN worked together with JOHN DEERE to set up a number of mowers with the ability to use MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Turf Airless Radial Tires.  These tires will never go flat and provide a superior level of ride comfort not possible with air inflated tires. Have you ever gone out to use your mower and found it had a flat tire?  Or while your mowing you suddenly discover your mower blades are cutting down in the dirt?  Or steering is getting difficult? That will never happen again with this mower equipped with these tires.

Stop by RAGAN EQUIPMENT to see the JOHN DEERE QuikTrak Model 652R and drive it for yourself.  This special is a one time offer for the machine currently in stock, SN: 060287.