1908 wide trac Traction Engine

1908 wide track steam powered Traction Engine used in our area.

Bob indicated this "traction engine" as these were known as, was delivered here on narrow rear wheels. The wide rear wheel extensions were fabricated locally. If you look closely, you can see where the wide track extensions were added onto the original rear wheels. Also note the very large chains that are used to couple the engine to the traction drive. Steering was also accomplished with chains and gears so you can imagine the effort required to make a turn. Basically a steam locomotive adapted for ground tillage and other work.

Occasionally we come across some interesting equipment or applications of common equipment at their residence, ranch & farm or commercial business. We also welcome old and historical photographs of the Kootenai County area, especially of the agricultural history but also pertaining simply to the growth of our community from the earliest days.

For example, one of RAGAN EQUIPMENTS long time customer and a friend to the family Bob Rickle brought in several old photograph prints of equipment used in our county years ago The picture above is one of these. While these are print reproductions, we can still marvel at what we see ingenuity and hard work that many people put into our county in years past. Here are the other pictures that Bob brought in to show us and with his permission, we now we share them with you.

Train Depot in Bayview and the Capehorn Resort

Bayview Train DepotCapehorn resort

A Cletrac tractor about 1951 on Capehorn Rd and a early 1900's self propelled Combine w/approx 1940 International Truck

Cletrac at Cape Horn Road 1951 Combine w 1940 International Truck

A dozer and drill rig also working out on Capehorn Road.

Dozer Capehorn road Drill Rig Capehorn Road

Two other traction engines

Holt Traction EngineTraction Engine

Railroad Mining Dock in 1930's at Bayview

RR mine dock Bayview early 1930s

While the next picture is not from our area, Bob also had an picture he took on a trip to Alaska, showing a dredging rig that even many years after it was no longer used, still was seen floating in the water.

Gold Dredge in Alaska