Ragan Equipment has a few sources of financing available. Depending on the brand and type of equipment to be financed, it may be a revolving account which is much like a credit card or an installment account.

Revolving Account for John Deere  products -

For a number of purchases you can also just stop in the store to fill out a revolving plan application which typically have a 12 month period to pay. We recommend you visit Ragan Equipment to define the items you wish to purchase. You can If you are in a hurry, look at or fill out a revolving easy online application online before you visit RAGAN EQUIPMENT but we do recommend stopping in first. Ask your neighbors and they will tell you we are easy to work with just by stopping in.

Installment Account for John Deere Equipment -

Installment Account financing is used for larger John Deere equipment purchases such as diesel powered compact or utility tractors or a combination of these tractors and implements. Some products such as a UTV may have the option to do a short term revolving account or a longer term installment account. The latter may have different terms of payments and interest rates available. When you stop in Ragan Equipment, we can work with you to determine what plans are available. For installment accounts, you can fill out the installment application form in the store in a matter of minutes.

Walker Mower application -

Walker Mower equipment can be financed through Shefield financing.  Click here to obtain a current PDF copy of the Shefield Finance application form that you can fill out and bring into RAGAN EQUIPMENT.  Or just stop by and complete a form in the store if you prefer or perhaps are unable to download, print out and complete before you come into the store.