HONDA Product Information and Shopping

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Visit the RAGAN EQUIPMENT/HONDA Power Equipment site to see the latest details right from the factory. If you see something you like, you can purchase any of these goods via PayPal. Please note that due to volume and popularity, some items that are not in stock will take a few working days to arrive from the factory distribution center. Normally all HONDA Power Equipment products purchased assembled and tested for you. When you pickup your purchase, a short instructional session will be provided on how to start the equipment, take care of it and safety considerations.

it is easy to order HONDA products and parts on the Internet at Ragan Equipment and pay for them with PayPal. For your protection, HONDA Power Equipment products such as generators, lawn mowers, trimmers, water pumps, etc. must be picked up at RAGAN EQUIPMENT by you the purchaser. We will not ship any of these items. You can however, select the parts you need for HONDA Power Equipment products through the above web site link, pay for them with PayPal, and select whether we ship them to you or notify us that you will pick up the parts at RAGAN EQUIPMENT. In some cases, large or fragile parts may have additional cost for packaging added to the shipping charge if the parts require unique packaging and/or handling.

Of course you can always come into the store during operating hours to purchase with Visa, MasterCard and of course, cash.

With approved credit, HONDA Power Equipment products can be purchased with HONDA credit. Another way is HONDA Power Equipment as well as parts can be purchased with a JOHN DEERE revolving credit accountcredit account. Visit the store for details.