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From time to time we may post something that could be helpful to you but didn't know about.  Or something totally new that might interest you.  Pretty much everything can be found on the Internet elsewhere.  Of course you can always stop by to ask us something. Thats got to be more fun to visit a family owned JOHN DEERE/STIHL/HONDA dealer than looking up everything at home on a computer!  Or safer than looking up while your driving!  And we have two restaurants right next door so how great a trip is that?

Rear Mounted FRONTIER snowblower on 4x4 diesel tractor

The above video is an excellent way to show you how easy it is to use a rear facing, rear mounted snowblower (aka snow thrower) on a tractor.  Several blower sizes are available to match your tractor size and power.  The usual size to pick is one that is approximately 6 inches wider (about 3 inches each side) than the total outside to outside measurement of your rear tires on the tractor. The blower can be a few inches narrower or wider than that measurement.  Anything wider will typically require too much horsepower than the tractor you have can provide. If you use a blower that is narrower than your tire tracks, then the tires will be packing down snow that the blower has not cleared yet.

Most people that have never used a rear mounted blower develop a mental vision that their head is twisted totally backwards and the neck will hurt in minutes.  Most modern tractors purchased today are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions that provide a flat or nearly flat floor for your feet. This allows you to easily sit side saddle to steer and operate the forward and reverse pedals. You can operate hours this way with barely any difference from facing forward in the seat. There is also an advantage of "making" the large diameter tires provide the "forward" (reversed driving) traction on snow and ice. Especially with the rear tires equipped with chains for maximum traction.

If you have a front end loader, you can keep this installed with a bucket in place to provide a nice counterbalanced weight load on the front tires to keep their traction optimized. You might consider taking the bucket off and placing a front blade or plow blade in its place.  While the blower will clear the same amount of snow in less than half the time as a blade, sometimes wetter and much denser snow is serviced better by a blade.  

Blades always require you to consider in advance, where to push the snow.  This means a lot of forward and backward driving to push snow into piles.  Piles that need to be several feet away from the road your clearing.  20 feet or more typically so that during the entire season, you have some hope of finding places for more snow to be pushed off the road.  All of this takes time even though your tractor mph speed can be slightly faster than when you use a snowblower.  And unless you have s shopping mall sized parking lot to "stash" piles of snow, you can run out of places to make piles quickly.  As you can see by the video, blowing snow can shoot out anywhere from 20 to over 40 feet if the snow is dry enough.  Typically here in the inland northwest, our snowfalls are mostly dry to mild/moderate wet.  All conditions that a properly operating snowblower will jettison farther and faster than a blade without the mountain-pile build ups from blade work.

John Deere MowerPlus™ Smart Connector 

for Select Series Lawn Tractors

Lets see a show of hands:   How many of you already knew you could add a smart phone connection to the latest John Deere Select Series lawn tractors such as the X380?  And that with this option your smart phone or tablet will get real time status and maintenance information?

The video below will show how easy it is to add a JD "MowerPlus™ Smart Connector" to a current production model, John Deere Select Series lawn tractor.  

Did someone in your family recently buy a new Select Series lawn tractor?  Get this as a birthday present!  Or just a special surprise!  It is easy to self-install.  

Stop by RAGAN EQUIPMENT to see if your model is compatible with this option.  Or ask about purchasing this option while your buying a new Select Series lawn tractor.


As noted in the video, when the Smart Connector installation has been completed, you download and install the MowerPlus™ APP on your smart phone or tablet and then connect to the Smart Connector via BlueTooth.  Now you can monitor your Fuel Level, Engine Hours, and when to have your Maintenance work completed.