Local History

A very good customer of RAGAN EQUIPMENT walked in one day with an envelope full of pictures he took many years ago. As he showed them to us, we realized this was a bit of history in our county that we might want to share. With this customers permission, we scanned in his photos and posted them here in this new for 2018, Local History section.

We are not sure if or how we will make this section of our web site grow yet but if you want to volunteer some old pictures, articles or letters, etc. that relate to Kootenai County from many years ago, we might be interested in posting some of these online for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps somebody in your family for example, has never before seen pictures or articles, ticket stubs, etc. from the SPOKANE & INLAND EMPIRE RAILWAY as it pertains to being here in Kootenai County. For now we have some great old pictures of equipment used here in Kootenai County, courtesy of customer Bob Rickel to share with you.