RAGAN EQUIPMENT stocks or can order parts for the brands and models of equipment we sell or have sold in the past.  Many retailers of other brands do not stock more than a handful of maintenance parts for the equipment they sell.  Some retailers do not carry any parts at all. If we do not have the part or parts on hand for the equipment we sell or have sold in the past, we can order for you and have the parts usually within seven to ten days.  Expedited parts orders are possible too with delivery typically in two working days.

We recommend you stop by our parts department for the best service, especially if your parts needs are urgent.  If that is not possible, you can of course always call the number at the bottom of this page.  Or send us an email at  Please be aware that during the peak season months from Spring to early Winter months, it is possible that answering through the line or email can be delayed while we give walk-in customers the most immediate on the spot service. But of course in all cases we will get back to you! 


maintenance parts

For equipment brands we do not sell, we can often still help find, order and supply parts for you.  Of course in some cases, any brand of product may have discontinued parts availability.  If we can find a way to source and provide what you need, we are really good at that with many years of experience and sources!

We really do recommend you stop by and talk to us at the Parts counter for your parts needs.  If we have what you want, you can visually verify correctness.  Especially if it is possible to bring your old part with you. In all cases, take note of your equipment model AND serial number, and bring that information with you. We want to get it right for you the first time so we can use all the detail you can provide.  Photos may be helpful too in some cases.

Of course if you purchased equipment you need parts for from RAGAN EQUIPMENT, we will have the model and serial number in the computer.  We still recommend you bring the old part or parts into our store so that it can be compared to the new part we have or may need to order for you.


2-irrigation pipe fitting_1Example of one of many fittings

For those that need gaskets, cast fitments or aluminum sections of pipe for above ground portable-field type irrigation, we can help with many of these parts too.  For replacement gaskets, please bring one of your old gaskets into the store so we can match it to an exact replacement.  Generally we have all of the gaskets for this type of field irrigation plumbing you will need in stock. 

1-irrigation pipe gasketsGaskets Galore

We also keep some types of brass head sprinklers, stand up pipes and line pipe reducer fittings in stock to add or replace your sprinkler heads on your above ground metal field piping.

4-pipe fitting and sprinklerExample of a cast fitting with a thread in place standup pipe and a brass sprinkler head.

For those of you looking for in ground or above ground yard system PVC or vinyl  plastic piping, fittings, sprinklers, drip systems, etc, your favorite home improvement store will be the source for these items. They specialize in this area with a wide variety of the parts, pipe and sprinkler heads.   

Meanwhile we heartily continue to provide support for small ranch and large acreage farming that utilize the portable above ground field lightweight metal irrigation products until such time that suburban developer projects overtake the last of our local farming operations.


We keep a limited amount of the most popular hydraulic quick connect coupler fittings commonly used on sub compact, compact and Utility  tractors.  Commercial equipment including Skid Steers utilize different fittings that we not stock. We can also make hydraulic hoses in the sizes and lengths commonly used on the aforementioned tractors. To be sure we can make the right replacement hose for your needs, please bring in your damaged hose for an accurate length and hose diameter.


We keep many common size chains for STIHL residential and commercial chain saws in ready made stock.  We also keep rolls of the common STIHL chain type in our shop to make chains for you. Bring your old chain into the store to leave with us to make a duplicate type and length of chain.  Depending on when you stop in, a custom replacement chain typically is made in the next one to two working days.  it is possible for same day assembly but please expect to drop off your request for later assembly.

Information about chains can be located here.  Bar oil and 2 cycle engine oil mix information can be found at this link.

SHARPENING CHAINS:  If your chain condition allows for sharpening, you can drop off your chains and pick them up sharpened and ready to go to work in a few days.  Chains are sharpened in batches so we can setup the machines properly for different types of chains. If you need to keep using your saw during this time, we usually have STIHL chains for use on STIHL chain saw bars ready to go.  Keeping one or two spare chains on hand is actually a good idea. Ask our Parts Department for chains, bar oil, fuel mix.  And we also keep STIHL chain bars and of course a certain number of parts on hand or that we can order for your STIHL chain saw.

 For current sharpening pricing, see our blade & chain chart at this link.


REPLACEMENT BLADES:  Mower blades take a beating even if we are mowing the nicest lawn on the block.  Small rocks.  Big rocks. Twigs and larger tree material. Accidentally nicking some concrete edging around a flower bed.  All of these things combine to dull the blades or even damage them beyond safe use.  We stock most of the common replacement blades for JOHN DEERE and a few that may fit other brand mowers.  Your original blades are needed to look at so we can match up the replacements.  If you purchased your JOHN DEERE or HONDA mower from us, we can look up the equipment in our system to determine the correct blades but for instant service, bringing in the blades you have will let us shelf-match to our stock right away.

REPLACEMENT BLADES:  Usually blades just need to be re-sharpened. Drop your mower blades off for a few days and we will restore them to as-new cutting sharpness unless we find the blades are out of balance (bent) or there is not enough safe material left to sharpen again.  Like chain saw chains, it is a good idea to have at least one spare set of blades on hand.    For current sharpening pricing, see our blade & chain chart at this link.