Ragan Equipment History

The year was 1982 and RAGAN EQUIPMENT was located in Hayden, ID on Hayden Ave before moving to where we are now in Coeur d'Alene just off West Hanley Ave.  Those of you that visit RAGEN EQUIPMENT now will know that the store is not directly on W Hanley Ave, but accessed 100 feet south of the actual W Hanley Street on what has become North Sunshine St.  Much has changed over the years!

Back in the early days of the "new" location on W Hanley, it was a short 100 foot walk or drive from the Hanley street itself on a dirt "driveway" to RAGAN EQUIPMENT (RE).  Except for a barn across from RE nothing else really existed around RE at that time. You drove to W Hanley and you easily saw RE.  Over years McDONALDS restaurant built on the corner lot.  APPLEBEE's, the OUTFITTERS, SILVER LAKE MALL and pretty much everything around RE came to pass over the years too.

Obviously the area has grown considerably.  RE has tripled in size with two other lots to match the growth in our business. Many other businesses in the area have come and gone but the family owned RAGAN EQUIPMENT is still Ragan owned and still here to serve you.  So for those of you new to the area and want to stop by RE, do not worry if you do not instantly spot the RE store and JOHN DEERE tractors & equipment.  Just go right down the street that now exists between McDONALDS and APPLEBEE's off of W Hanley as we are right next door to McDONALDS.  You can also click here for the map directions or look us up in Google Maps.

Ragan Equip_Hayden_ID_16Feb1982