RAGAN EQUIPMENT is a fixture in Kootenai County, well known for sales AND service for John Deere, Walker Mowers, Honda Power Equipment, Stihl, Bush Hog implements, Ariens snowblowers and many other brands of residential, landscaping and agricultural equipment. Our factory-trained service people are here to help you. Whether you need repairs, winter or spring snow or mowing implement changeover service or preventive maintenance, our techs are standing by.

Of course we gladly take care of all warranty work for the products we sell and are happy to perform any recalls that may be necessary.

Generator Service
Ragan Equipment
320 West Hanley Avenue
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Service Description

It is a good idea to have your generator serviced at least once a year. Oil that sits still has chemical action occuring. Starter batteries (if so equipped) will be weak or simply fail if they sit for long periods of time. Fuel systems can clog up and prevent starting just when you need the generator. Or the clogged system may run erratically which is hard on the generator engine and very hard on your appliances if the generator power is going up and down.

Honda EU3000is