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Lawn Tractor Battery Service
Ragan Equipment
320 West Hanley Avenue
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Service Description

Lawn Tractor batteries can easily fail if they sit through high heat or cold seasons with little or no use. Sometimes your symptoms will be that the tractor will crank over but barely. Whether it starts or not, if the tractor has the same problem the next time you use it, the battery may simply no longer hold a good charge. While trickle chargers may help, little or no actual use can shorten the life. It is recommended that you start your equipment and run it at least at a medium level of RPM for several minutes. This may help the life of your battery. Sometimes they still fail and of course all batteries eventually fail due to age. Stop by RAGAN EQUIPMENT with your battery to have it checked if you are uncertain of it's condition. If it needs replacing, Ragan Equipment stocksor most of the commonly used battery sizes and types with round post or flat tabs.

Example picture of one of the more common siz and type of battery used in lawn equipment and many ATV and UTV vehicles. If you require a new battery, a battery will be selected for you that meets your requirements.

SP35 battery